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Our Story 

The Sam'Sweets Story


I'm Sam Devane and I own and operate a small baking business in Southern California. Sam'Sweets came to be when I had the opportunity to turn a hobby of mine into a prosperous business. Thanks to the support of friends and family, it quickly grew to become a passion in my life and for my future. Through my cakes and cookies I've been privileged enough to be a part of birthdays, milestones, and weddings. Thank you for your support and I hope Sam'Sweets is able to make your next celebration a little more sweet!


Social Media/Contact

Follow us on

Instagram: @samsweets_2016

Facebook: @SamSweets_2016

Contact us at

Phone: 760-702-6102




Want a Monthly Cookie


Secure a Sam'Sweets cookie subscription and get 1 dozen cookies

on the first Monday of every month! The cookies are simply decorated but 

upgraded designs are available for a higher price. There are a limited amount of subscriptions allowed at a time so make sure 

to get yours!





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